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     Trademark newest

    Please note our new mailing address:

    13300 Victory Blvd., #385
    Valley Glen, CA 91401


    February General Meeting

    Tuesday February 17th 6:30 p.m.

    Kittridge Street Elementary School

    13619 Kittridge Street

    Meet and Greet and pizza starts at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will start at 7:00.  We hope to have our Senior Lead Officers and Government officials/representatives available.  As well, we will cover recent and proposed developments in the community. This is the annual meeting for election of Officers.


    Valley Glen Voice

    We are starting to put together the Valley Glen Voice for print in March.  Please use the Contact icon above if you have any ideas for articles,  We would like to receive them by mid-February.  We reserve the right to edit them.


    - Recent Events -

    Holiday Party

    We had a great time at our Holiday Party on December 9th at Kittridge Street Elementary School.  Thanks to the efforts of Waltona Manion and Santa & Sons, we had a great background of Christmas trees for picture-taking with Santa.  Here are some examples:


    Left to right above Santa are President Dean Abston, past Board member Walton Manion, Board member Asta Criss and Judy Price as well as Talene Dermenjian, Field Deputy to Assemblmember Adrin Nazarian.  A big thank you to our photographer Valli Aman, owner of Visions Services and Santa and his Elf, Nikko and Michele Tsiotsias.

    At our Holiday Party, we honored our Citizens of the Year and those pictures will be coming very soon.  The meeting also culminated a most successful Adopt-A-Family Program.  Thank you to all who donated.

    It’s been raining but does this mean that the Drought is over?


    We have recently had over 2 inches of rainfall.  However, we are in the third consecutive year of drought.  Some of you have asked if we have have a good rainy season, will we be able to get out of the current drought condition.  Here  is an answer.

    The National Weather Service tells us not to get too excited.  In its opinion, California would need 150% of its normal seasonal rainfall through Spring of 2015 to make any significant impact on the State’s drought condition. According to Michael Anderson, a climatologist with the California Department of Water Resources, this means that the State would have to endure a storm one out of every five days over the next 3 months.

    It’s too early to tell if this will occur so I would still plan on thinking about ways to save water including planting drought tolerant landscape. Stay safe.

    Clean Up Day

    Congratulations to all for a great Clean Up Day at Valley College this past November 15th. 40 of us participated in identifying bulky items and other items needing attention in all 11 Grids of Valley Glen.  We reported 126 bulky item locations, 49 abandoned shopping carts and 46 graffiti locations.  Also reported were 3 debris clean up areas and 4 alleys that needed clean up. Within one week after the event, all these items and matters were addressed and removed.  This event, sponsored by Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian and LAPD was our 2nd annual clean up day.

    Congratulations to Grid 8 resident Jean Sinatra for leading the organization of this event, Waltona Manion for her help coordinating the event and Lusy’s Mediterranean Cafe & Grill for the coffee and donuts.  Thank you also to Nikki Ezhari and Councilmember Paul Krekorian, all of the volunteers who scoured the streets and alleys of Valley Glen to report items, the Officers from the LAPD Van Nuys and North Hollywood Stations, the LAPD Cadets for overseeing the Command Center, to the Bureau of Sanitation for doing the actual pick-up/clean-up and to New Directions for Youth for the graffiti clean-up.

    This was a great collaboration between the Council Office, LAPD, Valley College and the various City Departments that helped clean up Valley Glen. Below appears some of the crew that made this event happen.


    Left to Right appears President Dean Abston and Lusy of Lusy’s. Councilmember Paul Krekeorian appears on the middle. SLOs and Van Nuys Division staff appear on the right but the face in between the SLOs is that of Jean Sinatra.  Missing from this picture is Waltona Manion, event coordinator from the VGNA board (Waltona Manion also took this picture).

    An important “take-away” from this event is that you have the power to get bulky items or trash cleaned up by the City.  Just call 3-1-1  0r 800.773.2489 to report the item and the address.  You can also use this service to pick up any bulky items you may want to have picked up.

    Bulky Item 1


    VGNA October 21st General Meeting

    Our October 21 general meeting was most enjoyable.  We honored LA County Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky for his many years of service to Valley Glen.  He is retiring from his position on December 1, 2014 as he is termed out of office.  Supervisor Yaroslavsky spoke  and thanked the association and Valley Glen for their long term support.    Thank you also to our LAPD Senior Lead Officers from Van Nuys Division for updating us on public safety matters. Thank you to Padrino’s Pizza for a fine buffet.  

    Here are some pictures (credits to the webmaster unless otherwise noted).

    IMG_7780 Dean

    VGNA President Dean Abston calls meeting to order.

    Asta and Zev good

    Board member Asta Criss presents Supervisor Yaroslavsky

    with a farewell cake (picture by Board member Waltona Manion).


    Group shot of board members Asta Criss and Judy Price with Supervisor Yaroslavsky.


    Other Announcements and

    Current Events


    Valley Glen Voice Fall 2014 Issue

    Our 12-page issue of the Valley Glen voice has been distributed and is posted here for your review.

    Please click here to read the 12-page Fall Issue of the Valley Glen Voice

    New motorist and bicyclists law


    The California Highway Patrol (CHP) would like to remind the public that on Sept. 16, a new law affecting motorists and bicyclists took effect. According to the law, a driver must allow three feet of distance when overtaking or passing a bicyclist. If three feet is not available, a driver must then slow to a safe speed and pass when no danger is present.

     _ _ _

    Victory Medians Get a Fresh Look

    Median Work

    The Greater Valley Glen Council in collaboration with the office of Councilmember Krekorian transformed the long-blighted medians on Victory Blvd. With the help of a beautification grant from Councilmember Krekorian, the neighborhood council removed overgrown brush and weeds, trimmed trees, and removed trash and debris from the median along Victory Blvd. from Babcock to Goodland Avenues.

     _ _ _

    Mailbox alert warning

    mail box

    It has been reported that the community mailbox on the corner of Ethel Ave. across the street from the Valley Glen park, as been compromised by thieves. It has also been a problem at other mailboxes. One method is for thieves to use something to entrap the mail inside the box and then pull it out later. If you use a mailbox, look before dropping mail in.

    Past Events

    Yard Sale (July 19, 2014)

    Our July 19th Yard Sale was like no other.  With over 500 items for sale, we raised $1,450.  This was a record.  Thank you to all who generously donated items and to the many volunteers who helped out. From the set-up crew to the clean-up crew and throughout the day, there were many hands on deck.  And, thank you to Lusy’s Mediterranean Cafe for providing lunch and a huge cooler of ice tea for the volunteers. The weather cooperated and wasn’t the hot and humid days we are now experiencing. We also appreciate the use of Peer Ghent and Bobbie Fresh’s yard. Vietnam Vets picked up the remainders on Monday.

    The proceeds of the Yard Sale help further the efforts of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association by supporting the Valley Glen Voice, the bi-monthly public meetings, and our annual holiday “Adopt-A-Family” program.  Here are some pictures of the event below.

    Big spread

    What a spread!

    amended group

    Lisa Freedman (left) is the cashier.  President Dean Abston (right) takes a break

    Other Past Events

     General Meeting (June 17, 2014)

    We enjoyed seeing you at the June 17th General Meeting.  The ambiance brought to us by Waltona Manion’s residence was exquisite.  Food from Tequila’s and Lusy’s was fantastic and we recommend you visit them more often for your dining pleasure.  The meeting itself was informative as Councilmember Paul Krekorian spoke and took questions.

    Other speakers included LAPD SLO Paschal and Neighborhood Prosecutor Tamar Galatazan.  Also represented were the Offices of Congressmember Tony Cardenas and Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian.

    Valley Glen Festival (May 18, 2014)

    Our Valley Glen Festival was quite a success.  Here is a montage below.

    Valley Glen Voice 

    Please enjoy our latest newsletter. Please click here to read the Spring 2014 Issue of the Valley Glen Voice.


    Did you know?

    Just about anybody you need for help in Valley Glen, like public services, is on our updated list of service providers.   Please click here to review our latest Valley Glen Public Services Directory.

    Don’t forget

    To ask us a question, please click the “Contact” icon in the upper right hand corner.
    We receive a wide variety of questions, suggestions and complaints.  Hopefully, our wealth of wisdom can guide you to a good outcome.



    Minutes of past meetings. You can get updated by viewing the minutes of our most recent meeting.  Click here to review the last 3 months of meeting minutes.
    Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council (“GVGC”). the next meeting of our City-funded neighborhoos council is August 4, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. at LA Valley College Campus Center Room 104.

    The Greater Valley Glen Council (“GVGC”) meets the first Monday of every month at Valley College.  GVGC is our City-funded Neighborhood Council.  GVGC receives annual funding from the City to spend on outreach, beautification, arts, educational and other community projects.  Money has been spent on projects for our public schools and beautification of our Parks and neighborhoods.  As well, the GVGC has supported your Association’s outreach efforts.

    To reach the GVGC web site please copy and paste this link into your browser.  www.gvgc.us

    Other Announcements

    Valley Glen Community Park

    Earlier this year, the northeastern part of the Park was closed for re-grassing and installation of more benches and trees.  This area is now open. More benches and trees will come but the installation of 3 more benches and planting of several trees may not happen until early 2015.  All this is as a result of lots of organized soccer league play invading our Park over the last several years.  From 1949 to 2005 this was a “No-Soccer Park” until the No-Soccer signs were removed in 2006.  We have been working with our Council Office, LA Department of Recreation and Parks and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (with an initial complaint as to the dust that intense soccer creates) to reach a permanent solution as to how to keep the Park “green.”

    Unfortunately, hot weather and watering restrictions have caused much of the grass in the northeastern area of the Park to die.  However, the soccer traffic has been moderate.  Let’s watch out for any league play and let’s hope the Department of Recreation and Parks installs the benches and plants more trees by October/November.

    For some history, you’re welcome to review the attached correspondence package to get a better understanding of what has happened, what is going on and what is hoped for. Please click here to read correspondence to the Department of Public Health in September 2013, LA Recreation and Park’s response in December 2013 and January 2014 correspondence.

    If you would like to know more, please contact Mickey Jannol, Grid A Representative at Jannol6@aol.com.


    Facebook Page

    We are now on Facebook, so friend us and like us on Facebook under Valley Glen Neighborhood Association.

    Tujunga Wash – Walking Path

    The Tujunga flood control channel is open to nature lovers. The 1.6 mile stretch from Burbank Blvd. to Sherman Way begins at the Great Wall; 300 feet north of Burbank and west of Coldwater Canyon.  Click here to read a little background and view some images of the Great Wall.  This entire 1.6 mile stretch is open to all in the community. A project meant to provide habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife restores some of the natural function of the wash. The LA District of the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers added trees, grass and walking paths in record time. We are all invited to enjoy this jewel.

     For those of you visiting us for the first time, here is some background

    For all of you new to this web site, welcome to the official web site of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, an advocate for the interests of the City of Valley Glen. The goal of our Association is to foster community pride, civic betterment and community beautification, to make our neighborhood a better and safer place to live and work, to promote businesses and business growth in Valley Glen, and to foster education and the arts in Valley Glen. Over 20,000 of you viewed our web site last month. Perhaps you would like to know a little more about us.

    The City of Valley Glen was created in 1998 by joining parts of southeastern Van Nuys and southwestern North Hollywood.With a population of 29,000, we are well-located in the San Fernando Valley with ease of access to major employment centers, schools, shopping centers and other amenities. We’re a safe city with many of our members active in neighborhood beautification and neighborhood watch.

    We would like to guide you through this web site. First, please go to the History icon to find out how we got here. Then, go to the Map icon and see where we are located. Finally, read our latest issue of the Valley Glen Voice (link on the left side above) to see what was going on during the last 3 months. If you like what you see, go to the “Be a VGNA Sponsor” and support our organization including our “Adopt a Family Program.” It’s a novel and brilliant program that provides gift certificates for food and Holiday needs during the Holiday Season for poor school children and their families in Valley Glen.

    Questions or comments?

    Please click the “Contact” icon in the upper right hand corner to send an e-mail to the Association. We will respond.